The Best Way to Fill Your Kindle, iPad, or Tablet Without Overspending


Congrats! You’re the proud new owner of a tablet or ereader! You’ve probably already made your reading list for the new year, and now your task is to download new ebooks to your device. Before you pay full-price for those books, you should know about the new site that savvy readers are practically obsessed with: BookBub.

BookBub has quickly emerged as the best way for readers to find deals on bestselling ebooks. The free daily email alerts readers to free and deeply discounted ebooks in their favorite categories, helping millions of readers find high quality books at bargain basement prices.

“I actually download several books a week,” said Mona E., a BookBub member from Stockton, California. “I would say I’ve saved approximately $40 or more each month using BookBub.”

BookBub brings significant savings to consumers. For example, readers that purchased two dozen $0.99 ebooks per year through BookBub would save more than $175 annually. Considering BookBub features about a half dozen free ebooks per day, those savings could be even larger.

How is BookBub able to offer savings at such large discounts? Publishers and authors routinely discount ebooks in hopes of boosting sales and drawing attention to new authors. BookBub’s expert editorial team works with publishers to help promote these deals through its daily email.

“There are series I would not have discovered if it weren’t for BookBub,” said Ellyn C., a BookBub member from Huntington Beach, California, who uses BookBub to sample new authors at low prices. “I feel like I got a deal, always,” she added.

More than 50% of adult Americans now own tablets or ereaders, and with that number expected to rise over the holiday season, millions of readers are turning to services like BookBub to help them save money, discover new authors, and read more.

“I gave my husband a Kindle this past Christmas. He wasn’t a big reader before, mainly because of the inconvenience of lugging around clunky books,” said Suzie M., a BookBub member from Auburn, Wash. “When he saw how great it would be to actually have something handy to read anytime and anywhere, without breaking the bank, he took up reading his free books from BookBub.”

BookBub is emerging as the best way for readers to find the right books at the right prices. Books featured on BookBub range from $2.99 to $0.99 to free, and most are available at a variety of retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and more.

“I would tell anyone to just sign up without reservation,” added Suzie M. “I now have more books than I can read in a lifetime.”

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